Frequently Asked Questions

Is Digilegal a law firm?

No. Digilegal is a marketplace to connect people who need legal advice with lawyers. We do not provide any legal advice ourselves.

Why did you create Digilegal?

We are aware that access to legal advice can be difficult and we are also aware that lawyers generally regret that clients don’t come to visit as soon as an issue arises. Sometimes, knowing which lawyer to contact is not always easy. We also noticed that many people are simply looking for a general opinion about their situation to understand where they stand and whether they should be concerned or not.

We wanted to solve these issues - we want everyone to easily access legal advice at an affordable price. We want to help people find a lawyer to advise them. We want lawyers to be able to advise their clients at an early stage so that they can mitigate the future risks of a dispute.

I have a dispute with someone. Can both of us use Digilegal?

Yes. But each of you will get a different lawyer and there is no exchange of information between lawyers and Digilegal does not interfere with the lawyers’ work.

Does Digilegal interfere with the lawyers’ work?

No. Digilegal does not discuss cases with lawyers and does not interfere, in any way, with the lawyers work. The lawyers advise clients independently.

Are the replies pre-drafted / standardized?

No. The lawyers reply to you individually, based on the information you provided.

Is my data safe?

Data can never be 100% safe, so we tell you how we protect your data in our privacy policy, so that you can decide for yourself whether our security standard is sufficient for you. In summary:- We host your data in Switzerland with cloud9.- We have followed the secure coding guidelines of OWASP ASVS level 1- Our internal infrastructure and computers has been secured by the Swiss information security company “ZenData.ch”'- Data in our databases is encrypted- We do not use third party logins such as Facebook or Google- We are all bound by NDA clauses

What kind of reply do I get for the CHF 32 that I pay?

Our platform is designed to help you understand your situation or your rights, help you decide whether you need to move forward with a case or not, or how you should address the situation you are facing. That is why we limit the characters to 500 and you cannot upload documents.

You will get a personalized reply from one of our partner lawyers and they may recommend what would be, in their opinion, the best way to move forward with your case.

Are you GDPR compliant?

We have not been audited. However, we have implemented organizational, legal and technical security for your personal data. We give you all GDPR rights, even if you live in Switzerland. You can access this information in our privacy policy. We collect and process personal data in accordance with GDPR.

What happens if I still need help, once I received a reply to my question or the delivery of the service?

You can directly request your lawyer to advise or represent you. Once you receive a reply to your question, the platform will make several follow-up options available to you:

Follow Up Question

CHF 32

Phone call

CHF 85


CHF 200

Letter & Call

CHF 250


CHF 420/850

How does Digilegal select the lawyer for my question or service request?

We use a variety of criteria to select the lawyer:
- Geographical proximity to your legal issue
- Speaks the same language as you
- Is specialized in the relevant areas of the law
- Availability of the lawyer
- Proximity to competent courts
- Equal and faire distribution of questions among all Digilegal partners
- Absence of conflict of interests

Can I be refunded if I decide that I no longer want the service?

Yes. We will offer you a refund as long as you make the request by email (contact@digilegal.com) before the service is completely delivered.

Do you really reply within 24 hours?

Yes. If you ask your question or buy a service during business hours, between 9 AM CEST and 4 PM CEST, you will get a reply within 24 business hours. If you ask your question or buy a service outside these hours or during a non-business day, you will get the reply or contact for service delivery within the next 24 business hours, as of 9 AM CEST on the next business day after you asked your question.

For example, if you ask a question on Tuesday 7 PM, the 24 hour deadline will start on Wednesday 9 AM CEST. by 11 AM on the next business day.

However, it is possible that the lawyer may seek to reach you to clarify your question or to perform a conflict check regarding your opposing party. If the lawyer is unable to reach you, the lawyer can delay their reply.

Likewise, if the lawyer runs into an emergency, there may be delays in the reply.

What if a lawyer doesn’t understand my question or concern?

You can simply contact our customer care by phone 022 552 00 82 or by email contact@digilegal.com and we will let the lawyer know.

What kinds of payments do you accept?

We accept credit card payments directly on our platform. The payments are processed with STRIPE - visa, mastercard and amex.

What is your pricing policy?

We charge CHF 32 for each legal question you ask via the platform. You will get a personalized reply by a lawyer. A CHF 30 service fee is already included in the price of all the other services we offer. No hidden fees, no recurring payments.

Why is there a 500 character limit for the question? Why can I not upload documents?

Our service is designed for those who just need to understand their situation and understand their rights in general. Essentially, those who need a first opinion about their situation.

This character limit and the absence of documents allows us to offer you this advice for CHF 32.

If you need to entrust your case to a lawyer and initiate proceedings, our service is not for you. You should directly meet with a lawyer.
Ok, I would like to explain my situation to a lawyer


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