Why you should have your Contract and General terms drafted by a lawyer?

If you have a contract to be drafted, in the private domain or as a company, be it an employment contract, a lease, or a partnership contract, this formula will put in contact with one of our partner lawyers to ensure that contract is prepared in compliance with the applicable law, while taking into account the protection of your interests.

With this service, you will be contacted within 24 hours by one of our partner lawyers specialized in contract law to schedule the consultation that is included in the package. You will then have one hour to explain what you want to achieve with the contract, what rights you want to maintain or obtain, and which interests you want to protect. Then your lawyer will proceed to draft a contract of up to six pages based on your needs.


  • You are starting an online business, and you need general terms and conditions?
  • Do you wish to rent your house or a personal property (car, boat)?
  • Do you wish to draw up the shareholder agreement for your new corporation?
  • Do you wish to make a loan agreement between you and a third party?
  • Do you want a standard employment contract, easily modifiable in terms of salary and percentage of work?

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