Why organize a call with a lawyer?

If you are concerned that 500 characters is not enough to properly explain the legal issue you are facing, a phone call is the idea option for first contact and preliminary advices.

When you purchase this service, you will first be put in touch with one of our partner lawyers, who will then contact you to arrange your call. This will allow you to explain your situation in detail in get professional advice on what to do next. Upon purchse of this service, you will be given the option to indicate the area of law and the canton to which your issue relates. Afterwards, we will select a lawyer specialiszing in that area of law, active in the canton of your situation, who will be able to advise and guide your first steps in the legal landscape of the matter at hand.


  • -You receive a threat of legal action, but you do not agree with it?
  • -You wish to present your case and get professional opinion of a lawyer?

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  • Very easy to use platform! In a few clicks I was able to ask my questions and take out a subscription! I did not expect such detailed and structured answers in such a short time

  • Karl
  • I needed legal advice quickly and I was able to simply get a precise answer in less than 2 hours

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