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  • K.K. (4 nov 19)

    Very easy to use platform! In a few clicks I was able to ask my questions and take out a subscription! I did not expect such detailed and structured answers in such a short time

  • R.S. (8 nov 19)

    I needed legal advice quickly and I was able to simply get a precise answer in less than 2 hours

  • M.B. (10 nov 19)

    I congratulate you digilegal you keep your promises. thank you very much for helping you to be the best. I have been following your site for a month and have not regretted it. Thanks again digilegal.

  • F.B. (4 dec 19)

    Amazing experience with digilegal. I asked a quite complex corporate law question involving a wide range of aspects, and I received a very detailed explanation within 24 hours

  • C.S. (8 dec 19)

    I was surprised by the speed of the response! My need was well identified despite the few contextual elements. The response was comprehensive, relevant and reassuring. I am completely satisfied! thanks a lot

  • A.M. (7 feb 20)

    A question by email, a pleasant contact in less than 30 minutes and a leading response in barely 24 hours. Gladly another time


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