Become a partner lawyer

Become a partner lawyer

Partner with to reach more clients and help them with their legal issues. You only get clients if you accept them. Everything is simple and easy.
  • No subscriptions / member fee

  • No commissions

  • No strings attached

  • No obligation to accept clients

Why partner with Digilegal?
More and more people use the internet to find the advice they need. They expect to build trust before purchasing. This is especially true for the new generations of consumers. We created to help people to find the right lawyer to advise them. We want to help build trust between the client and the lawyer.

Partnering with helps you modernize your practice, get insights about client preferences, reach more clients and help more people in need.

How do we connect clients to you?

The client asks a question on for CHF 32. They wish to know whether they are in danger or not and get a first opinion from a lawyer.
If the client wishes to move forward with their case, they ask you to advise / represent them and become client of your law firm. connects the client with a partner lawyer whose profile matches the client’s request and the lawyer replies to the question.

Feel free to call us to ask any questions you may have about our service.

+41 22 552 00 82

Benefits of our partnership

Grow your Client Base
Partnering with us helps grow your firm’s client base and get insights about client preferences to optimize your practice.
Blend Social and Business
  • 65 - 70% of clients need reassurance and you help them by letting them understand their situation.
  • 30 - 35% of clients are in legal trouble and may need you to take charge of their case.
New Markets
Because our advertising reaches accross Switzerland, you can extend your firm’s reach to other cantons and advise a broader diversity of clients.

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